Chapter 1

Designer vision

"Over the past 20 years, my role as creative director has been, and continues to be, to push the perception of shearling and leather within fashion, crafting a new sensitivity and awareness towards luxury outerwear and accessory design. I strive to explore and develop new and exciting concepts where my focus is to lead the way in luxury design, not follow".

Karl Donoghue, Creative Director

Chapter 2

Creative Inspiration

A brand conceived in London, the city continues to provide a culturally influential aspect to each Karl Donoghue collection whilst travelling the world remains a source of inspiration.

The beauty of the skins we use and their unique intrinsic qualities are the beginning of each creative journey.

From colour to texture, it is a natural material that brings the most luxurious element to fashion, inspiring silhouettes and intricate details including innovative finishes and sophisticated palettes.

Chapter 3

Handcrafted Luxury

Working closely with tanneries and factories, the finest quality skins are carefully selected and expertly cut before being handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. Each collection is finished in England to the highest standard ensuring a truly luxurious product.

Each style demonstrates a fusion of both modern ideas and traditional processes to present vibrancy, energy and beauty through contemporary pieces.

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