Our KD2 concept range, crafted in London combines luxurious shearling and leather with showerproof nylon allowing the wearer flexibility with the changing weather patterns.

Styles with detachable liners
The lightweight showerproof nylon can simply be worn by itself during milder weather. As the seasons change and the weather becomes cooler, add the detachable shearling liner to the nylon outer. The liner can be fastened inside during wet weather protecting your shearling from the rain while keeping you warm. You can choose to wear your liner over the nylon outer if you want to create a statement look. The liner can even be worn by itself as a gilet!

Styles with fixed lining
Many of the nylon & shearing accessories can be reversed. For a cosy showerproof look keep the nylon on the outside with the shearling against the body. For more of a statement, reverse and show the shearling on the outside.

Caring for your Karl Donoghue piece

Following these guidelines and the information printed on the product care label will help you to maintain the natural beauty of your Karl Donoghue piece for many years to come, a far more sustainable approach to fashion.

For further information please contact customer care customercare@karldonoghue.com

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