Shearling is the term adopted by the fashion industry to describe lambskin where the wool remains attached to the leather after the tanning process.


The shearling skins used in our collection are mainly processed using CO², a more sustainable tanning method than the traditional method of using water. By using this method we avoid an excessive amount of water wastage.

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Shearling is a natural material therefore natural imperfections and variations in texture and shade of the wool should be expected and seen as intrinsic qualities of this beautiful material and not a fault.

Shearling is a versatile and wonderful material. The leather and wool can be dyed, printed and embossed to create endless combinations.

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Caring for your Karl Donoghue piece

Following these guidelines and the information on the product care label will help you to maintain the natural beauty of your Karl Donoghue piece for many years to come, a far more sustainable approach to fashion.

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