Karl Donoghue has collaborated with Saga furs to create a unique range of garments and accessories, combining the luxurious textures of both the softest lambskin and delicate fur. The partnership between world class artisans and timeless designs forms an evolving vision of the most beautiful hand crafted pieces.

Globally recognised as the world’s leading supplier of quality fur, Saga Furs produce the finest fox, Finnraccoon and mink furs. Each fur produced is subject to strict guidelines and promotes full traceability and farm certification as well as using global corporate social responsibility initiatives and encouraging sustainable practices within the industry. This combined with Karl Donoghue’s continued efforts to push the perception of leather, shearling and fur design made for the perfect pairing.

Such a prestigious and creative collaboration resulted in the design team travelling to Copenhagen to visit the Saga furs design centre, working alongside master furriers to achieve a new vision for the AW19 collection. Focusing on contrast textures and the natural, intrinsic qualities of the lambskin and fox fur, specialist techniques were used to create an engaging new concept and add a further dimension to these natural materials.

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