Chapter 1

Designer vision

今までの20年間、そして今後も、私はシアリングの可能性、ファッションとしてのレザーやファー、ファーアイテムの新知識と意識を高めることです。 私はラグジュアリーデザインにおいて誰かの後を追うのではなく、常に挑戦し新たなコンセプトを提案して行きます。それらが可能なのも、高技術を誇るタンナリーと信頼関係を築き、ブランドに力を注いでくれたからです。

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Karl Donoghue, Creative Director

Chapter 2

Creative Inspiration



Chapter 3

Handcrafted Luxury



Karl Donoghue prides itself in working with the finest skins from European tanneries and suppliers who adhere to the highest standards. While we accept not everyone wishes to wear products created from real skins, we truly believe with the correct controls and regulations of animal welfare, using real skin is a far more sustainable approach to fashion than fake leathers and faux furs.

There is great longevity in real skin allowing the pieces to pass down generations. There is evidence to suggest leather skins degrade in the ground at the same rate as an oak leaf compared to the plastics used in fake furs and leathers which can take decades.

Where possible we avoid plastic trims, instead preferring to work with real buffalo horn. This natural material is sustainable, versatile and even the waste from cutting out buttons and buckles can be ground up and put into the land as fertiliser.

We don’t throw away leftover skins from our collections instead, trying to incorporate them into future projects and collections, thus avoiding unnecessary waste. This approach has been part of our brand DNA from the outset.