‘Real sustainability’

In this chapter the Creative Director, Karl Donoghue talks about brand values and what sustainability means to the brand.


What does sustainability mean for the brand?

As a brand we must be responsible, keep it local, understand about our supplies and where they come from, avoid waste, ensure longevity, and nurture the skilled craftsmen and women who create our beautiful products.

(Images from one of our factories in London)


How do you practice sustainability?

We work closely with a Spanish supplier producing shearling using CO2 instead of water in the tanning process which protects our precious resources. We avoid plastic trims in favour of buffalo horn. This is an amazing natural material. Even the waste horn collected after cutting out the buttons is ground up and used as fertilizer for the soil. We keep our manufacturing local and this minimises waste. Left over skin can be reinvented and used in future collections and projects. Our products are designed with longevity allowing them to be worn for years. There is evidence to suggest skins degrade in the ground at the same rate as an oak leaf so when a Karl Donoghue product finally reaches the end of its life the impact on the environment should be minimal.

(Horn buttons)


Why do you think it should be a must for every brand?

We all have a responsibility to the future of the earth and its natural resources. Everybody and including businesses must play their part.

(Campaign images 2011)












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