Skin guide

The Karl Donoghue brand sets out to push the perception of shearling, leather and fur within our collections. There are many different skin types available to us, all offering different characteristics and texture.  We hope this skin guide offers a more detailed insight in to the skins we have used with in the current collection.

Toscana Lambskin

This soft and sumptuous long wool Spanish lambskin is a classic and elegant shearling. With unique finishes and glossy ironed wool this lightweight skin makes it perfect for statement outerwear pieces and luxurious accessories.

Foxy Toscana Lambskin

This Spanish Toscana lambskin is hand selected for its longer wool length. The soft voluminous ironed wool with suede finish is perfect for accessories.

Lacon Lambskin

The ultra-lightweight baby lacon lambskin is hand selected for its unique characteristics. This skin features the finest flat wool which is then ironed to create a soft shine. On the reverse of the shearling is a smooth oiled finish making it perfect for lightweight reversible outerwear.

Pacaya Merinillo Lambskin

The characteristic short pile wool of this skin creates an elegant moiré like affect. This is paired with an exclusive melange finish or super light waxed skin finish offering a sophisticated shearling for both coats and gilets.

Cashmere touch lambskin

Beautifully soft, cashmere touch lambskin appears light and fluffy and resembles the feel of cashmere knitwear. The ironed wool is partnered with a sumptuous and buttery suede finish, the perfect choice for cosy garments and accessories.

Tibetan cashmere lambskin

This stunning skin has long textural wool which is so soft to touch. Every skin varies with unique qualities. The wool has a deep free flowing pile with fine fluffy wool creating fun yet luxurious feel.

Entrafino leather

This Spanish entrafino medium weight leather provides great form to coats and jackets. The soft sheen provides a contemporary look whilst the spray back finish on the reverse allows for unlined garments. The semi aniline tanning process promotes the natural beauty of the skins.

Raccoon fur

This luxe Finnraccoon and White Finnraccoon derives from Scandinavia ensuring the best quality traceable fur. The under coat is dense and is in contrast to the glossy tuffs of the top coat.

Fox Fur - Saga Furs Certified

This sumptuous Scandinavian fox fur, supplied by the globally recognised Saga Furs, ensures the finest quality skin and full traceability. The soft undercoat of the fox is complemented by the long and glossy delicate top coat creating a deep pile.


This lightweight baby calfskin features soft glossy hair creating a beautiful mirror-like sheen whilst the nappa sprayback finish on the reverse gives a supple impression of leather for full reversibility.

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