A brand steeped in heritage and exclusive design, Morgan collaborated with internationally renowned store Selfridges, to create an iconic product celebrating both innovation and sustainability. Both British brands founded in 1909 and synonymous with luxury marked the launch of Morgan’s all-electric, zero emissions car EV3 by joining forces producing a limited addition run of the UK 1909 Edition three wheeler car. As part of this unique collaboration, Selfridges enlisted nine British designers, including Karl Donoghue, to produce a driving kit that complimented the car, providing the ultimate range of accessories for the modern motorsport enthusiast.

Karl Donoghue created a bespoke pair of ‘His’ and ‘Hers’ driving hats influenced by both vintage racing helmets and the contemporary materials as well as automotive detailing. The evolving technological advances contrasted with the hand built element represent modern ideas manufactured with traditional techniques.

The collaborative project was a demonstration of extreme engineering and function meeting the fashionable and aesthetic needs of a luxury driving experience. The marrying of international design teams across the automotive and fashion industry has created a futuristic vision of a classical pastime. ­

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